Turn your dream into a brilliant reality

Do you also dream of a swimming pool in your garden? But are you dreading the weeks of construction? Then we offer the perfect solution! TVR Kunststof zwembaden develops customised, synthetic swimming pools, which can be built into your garden in no time at all. Plug & Play, completely as desired and strikingly beautiful.

We build our pools of HDPE plastic, an extremely durable material. Once assembled, your pool will last a lifetime. Moreover, HDPE is colourfast and chemically and UV resistant.

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In our factory, we build swimming pools of all shapes and sizes. Completely to your liking. Choose your dimensions, lighting, waterfalls, stairs, etc. and our experts will build it for you.

A pool from TVR Kunststof zwembaden is completely assembled for you in our factory. As a result, our delivery times are surprisingly fast and you can enjoy a strikingly beautiful pool within a few weeks.

Due to our leading technical knowledge of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic and its welding, we produce swimming pools that last a lifetime. Our swimming pools are colourfast and chemical and UV resistant.